Sign the PlanBe Miami Letter to Congress:


I support PlanBe Miami and its mission to help young people succeed.


An attack on PlanBe Miami will deny the young people in our communities access to information and help about pregnancy and disease prevention as well as information and guidance on achieving academic and career success.


I implore you to not let this happen.


Hundreds of millions of Americans agree with me that protecting and helping our young people succeed is a sacred responsibility we all share and must never abandon.


If you abandon your responsibilities to our young people and fail to stand up for them and support them, I will join with millions of other Americans and fight.


I will fight to ensure that our youth have the help and resources necessary for pregnancy prevention, disease prevention, as well as success in school and in life.


I will join other Americans who are fighting.


I will recruit family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, strangers and everyone else I can.


I will join with anyone who values our youth and is willing to do whatever it takes to help them achieve the success they desire and deserve and we will fight.


We will fight with everything at our disposal and we will continue to fight using any means necessary until our elected officials take a stand for our children and provide them with the help and resources they need to be successful.


If our current representatives prove themselves incapable or unwilling to live up to their responsibilities to our youth, I will join with my likeminded Americans in this fight and take whatever action is necessary to recruit, support and elect worthy representatives who will.


I stand with PlanBe Miami in their commitment to help, guide and support our youth today, tomorrow and always and I ask that you make a commitment today to do the same with continued funding for PlanBe Miami and similar organizations.


Join me and millions of other Americans today. Stand up and say that you are unwavering in your support for our youth and you will fulfil your responsibility to them by supporting PlanBe now and in the future.


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